Maine’s Solar Land Experts: Clearing Acres, Powering Futures

Solar power is rapidly gaining popularity in Maine, driven by state policies promoting the use of renewable energy sources. With hundreds of solar farms slated for construction in the next few years, there’s a substantial need for clearing thousands of acres. When it comes to developing a solar site, it’s crucial to choose a company capable of handling projects of all sizes and complexities. At Hawkes Tree Service, we possess the necessary experience, equipment, and expertise to ensure the job is done correctly the first time. Trust us for your solar site development needs.

Site Clearing

Commencing the construction of solar farms starts with site clearing, and at Hawkes Tree Service, we boast robust equipment and a team of skilled operators to get the job done efficiently. Thanks to our feller buncher, we’re capable of clearing up to 5 acres per day. Our operators are well-trained and receive the necessary support to ensure both efficiency and safety on the job.


In the realm of solar farm construction, it’s not just about tree clearance; stump removal is a vital component that paves the way for site preparation. Every site possesses unique challenges, and our approach involves close collaboration with the civil contractor to craft a tailored plan for each location. Be it the complete removal of stumps to facilitate bulldozing or the on-site grinding to create erosion control mix, our HG 6000 Vermeer horizontal grinder is fully equipped to handle stumps of all sizes with precision and efficiency. Discover how we streamline the solar farm groundwork process.

Sedimentation Control

When clearing extensive tracts of land, it is of utmost importance to prevent silt and sediment runoff into adjacent wetlands and water bodies. Don’t risk subpar stormwater management. At Hawkes Tree Service, we are committed to the installation of sediment barriers in full compliance with Maine’s laws and regulations. We collaborate closely with DEP representatives to safeguard Maine’s precious natural resources.

Erosion Control

The environmental consequences of erosion and sedimentation can be irreversible. Planning for and proactively preventing erosion can be more cost-effective than undertaking labor-intensive repairs later on. Site stabilization achieved through mulching and revegetation is of utmost importance. Our hay chopper can effectively cover more than 15 acres of land in a single day. When combined with the rapid growth of hydroseeding, this approach ensures the swift establishment of a stable site.