At Hawkes Tree Service, our dedicated team collaborates to ensure the secure removal of various trees in both residential and commercial settings. Equipped with a wide range of tools and staffed by highly trained professionals, we excel in tackling even the most challenging jobs. Our expertise lies in eliminating potential hazards to individuals and properties, making us the reliable choice for your tree service needs.

Fertilizing Established Trees

Our process involves perforating the soil 18” deep and 18” apart beneath the tree. We apply organic granular fertilizer in these holes, allowing water to carry the beneficial nutrients through the hard-packed soil. This promotes the health of your tree, particularly beneficial for dead or dying trees.

Enhancing Health and Safety with Expert Pruning

Our pruning service involves removing dead and diseased trees and limbs. This proactive measure prevents insects and diseases from attacking weakened trees, safeguarding the health of nearby ones. Additionally, eliminating dead wood reduces hazards to people and property while enhancing the visual appeal of the landscape.

Safeguarding Trees with Expert Cabling and Bracing

Recommended when a tree faces the risk of splitting, this method safeguards against structural damage, preserving symmetry, health, and value. It is particularly crucial when hazardous limbs pose a threat to people and property.