lot clearing

Do you have a vegetated lot that needs to be cleared or want to expand the boundaries of an existing clearing? Hawkes has you covered. We have the abilities to move large quantities of wood in any Maine terrain, including cutting for a new driveway or construction lot. We also provide mulching services if the area needs to be cleared of small shrubs and underbrush.

Land clearing services

Land clearing services for solar and commercial projects

Are you looking to set up solar panels for your property but there’s a lot of trees that need to be removed? Our team of specialists can create the space you need by cutting down and removing the trees from your property in a safe and timely fashion.

Stump Removal and Tracked Horizontal Grinding

Do you have a large area that needs to be cleaned up? With our 6000 Vermeer 785 HP tracked horizontal grinder, we can remove, break, or grind whole stumps, or grind large piles of materials, anywhere in Maine. No matter how expansive the area may be, Hawkes is ready to take any big job in the most timely and safe manner possible.

Erosion Control

We utilize a Buhler Versatile 160 HP tractor and a Fair 7830 TD hay chopper that can spray hay 75 feet, 100 feet when conditions are best, and cover upwards of 8 acres a day. We have completed erosion control on projects 40 acres and more, and work well with DEP to make sure sites stay in compliance. Large or small, we’ll get your site covered!