Elevate Your Maine Waterfront View 

Discover the beauty of unobstructed waterfront vistas – Hawkes Tree Service navigates Maine shoreland laws to enhance your scenery responsibly.

Enhancing Waterfront Views Responsibly

Our trained staff follows Maine shoreland zoning laws to legally improve your waterfront view. Utilizing a points system, we determine the permissible tree removal within 75 feet of the water. Our track chipper facilitates easy access to the shore for efficient cleanup. Count on us to work with you, creating a plan to clean, thin, and enhance the trees in your shoreland while staying compliant with regulations.

Explore our gallery for a glimpse of our recent projects!

The allure of a pristine Maine shoreline, unaffected by any obstructions

Here we have a shoreline enhancement in its original before state and then its after state in compliance with Maine shoreland laws.

Witness the transformation that unfolds as the landscape evolves to adhere to these regulations, preserving the integrity of the coastline while allowing for sustainable development.