tree pruning service in Maine

Tree Pruning is an important way to improve the overall health of your trees and promote longevity and coexistence. There are many different types of tree pruning services, such as “cleaning,” which removes any dead or dying branches and limbs that may present a falling hazard or promote pests and diseases. 

Pruning trees away from buildings can prevent damage and reduce mildew growth by allowing extra sunlight and airflow. Damage to trees during storms can also be prevented by “thinning” out the canopy and inner branches of the tree to reduce the drag of high winds. 

Pruning can also enhance your vista, improve the overall shape of the tree, and promote higher yields in fruit and nut bearing trees.

Give us a call and let our certified arborists describe the benefits of pruning your trees! Read all about our other tree care services here and feel free to contact us for more information or to set up an appointment!