Tips on Caring for your Trees

Your trees, like your home, are an investment. Trees provide cooling shade, storm protection, erosion prevention, and enhance the beauty and value of your property. For these reasons it is important to treat your trees to get the most beauty and longevity possible. Treatment in the form of:

Removal of Dead and Diseased Trees and Limbs

This prevents insects and diseases from attacking these weakened trees, then infecting the healthy trees nearby. This dead wood also presents a hazard to people and property as well as being an “eye sore”.

Cabling and Bracing

This is recommended in a tree when there is a danger of it splitting apart. This insures that the trees’ weight will not split it, destroying the tree’s symmetry, health, and value.

Fertilizing Established Trees

This process involves perforating the soil 18 inces deep and 18 inches apart under the tree in a grid patter. Organic granular fertilizer is poured into the holes, allowing water to pass through the hard packed soil taking benefiting fertilizer with it.

Selective Cutting of Congested Trees

This allows proper sun and water for the remaining trees, enabling them to reach their full potential. In addition, with today’s heating costs, it becomes economically beneficial to selectively remove evergreen trees to expose the dwelling to the sun. This keeps the outside of the dwelling drier, preventing mold build up.